Aromatherapy is an ancient therapeutic art. It is also a well known beauty therapy. You can also use aromatherapy for real perfume!

Samantha Aungle studied Aromatherapy in 2004. She did not complete her studies due to family reasons. However, she learnt enough to be able to formulate safe products for you.

Samantha is aware that some contraindications exist for aromatherapy with medications, some health conditions, pregnancy.

Samantha will take time to work with you for an original, and personalised product or total beauty and health regime.

At no extra cost! All of the Treats Samantha makes have reasonable pricing. Samantha will not charge additional rates for consulting.

Aromatherapy can be a successful combination therapy with herbal products added to a carrier base oil. Reiki can also effectively be used with aromatherapy, maybe you would like to arrange for reiki to be sent by distance for a booked massage. It could assist your muscles to loosen, and your body to relax easily. Or even when you are treating yourself at home!

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