Herbal Healing can assist you to heal skin problems, and other health issues.

For example: if you suffer from tinea on your feet, it is advisable to use a combination of herbs to heal your feet.

Such as Cassia Powder - similar to cinnamon, it will heal fungal conditions, and smells nice!

and Organic Clove Buds - they numb your feet slightly, so the temptation to itch is lessened! It also helps rid of fungal conditions.

and Himalayan Fine Salt - which will supply your skin with a great boost of minerals, whilst clearing it of toxins.

All of these I can supply to you.

Used in a warm footbath - soaking your feet for at least ten minutes.

Then you can apply a towel gently to dry your feet and toes.

This is then the perfect time to use some aromatherapy after the herbal footbath.

Such as a mixed bottle of

Organic Coconut Oil - which can help to heal your skin of fungal conditions, and soothe the skin.

and Cinnamon Bark Oil - which will help to fight the infection, and prevent further fungal growth.

and also Clove Bud Oil - to also fight the fungal condition, and prevent further fungal growth.

plus Peppermint Oil - for it's cooling and skin healing properties too.

It smells quite like a pleasant dessert spice mixture! And is just one example of how herbal healing can be used to assist healing.

You can keep the oil mixture for tinea in a gold glass jar. I supply those. It is best to buy sealed bottles of each oil, then to combine them in the glass jar freshly and easily at home. I find the easiest way to apply the oil is to use a glass dropper, thus there is no touching or disturbing of the fungal skin.

Contact Samantha if you would like to try a remedy for yourself! Or if you want to know what is best to use!

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